Water scarcity presently affects at least 40% of the global population, with a majority of Africa’s problems related to poverty being attributed to limited access to clean water. Many socio-economic activities depend on having access to water. This means that any water shortages would end up limiting the populations from earning a living.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, Sub-Saharan Africa is the worst afflicted region when it comes to water stress. The entire region continues to experience recurring droughts that lead to famine and a lot of lives are lost in the process. The whole planet is facing global warming among other climatic changes. And this is expected to make the water situation worse.

At Expressions Global Group Ltd, we focus on providing innovative, durable and environment-friendly rain water harvesting products and services that help communities achieve improved access to clean water. We work with our partners and clients to ensure that while we cannot reverse the effects of the climatic changes, we make the most out of the available water resources by harvesting rain water and making it safe for a variety of uses.

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