Our Products

We design unique and customized products that are specifically aimed at meeting the client’s water harvesting and storage needs. This means that before installing any of our water harvesting and storage systems, we assess the client’s situation and water harvesting capacity based on their location and the amount of space that they have. We then design the perfect system to suit the client’s context.

This means that whether we work with an individual or an organization (school/hospital) that is looking for a facility to meet your basic water needs, or a facility to harvest rain water for commercial use, we are able to design the perfect solution. We also consult continuously with our clients to ensure that the end results meet their needs and expectations.

XP Water Tanks

XP Water Tanks

XP Water Ponds

XP Water Ponds

Our Services

Whether you are new or existing client, we have a service to help improve your water access or innovative use!

Pre-Site Survey

We begin every project with a site visit which is meant to establish among other factors the quantity of

water that your roofing surface can harness. Based on our findings in this site visit, we then provide a

professional report that will help you plan for a successful project implementation. Our pre-site surveys

are also used as consultations where we seek to understand what the client is hoping to achieve with

our water harvesting and systems. This information helps us to design the most effective rain water

harvesting and storage system for the client in question.

Value Creation and Addition

We understand that anyone can harvest rain water, and yet most people don’t. Our work is to ensure

that you are able to harvest and store as much rain water as possible depending on the kind of

infrastructure that you have. We create and add value to your rain water harvesting and storage by

providing the best and most effective rain water harvesting equipment and set-up in the market. But

this is not all. We also help you exploit all the associated social and economic benefits of use for the

harvested water. From sustainable farming to direct selling of the water, we have a package that will

help you do it in an innovative manner so as to optimize your returns.

Water Sanitation and Health Training

Our company is not just about selling water harvesting and storage systems. We are looking to eliminate

the challenges of water shortage by improving access to clean water within rural and urban

communities. To do this, we have to create awareness within the communities by holding training

sessions on the social and economic benefits of rain water harvesting.

The idea is to ensure that at some point in the near future, every family in the community will be

practicing rain water harvesting. In line with our focus on improving access to clean water, we also train

communities on low cost water treatment techniques to ensure that they can clean their own harvested

water to make it safe for drinking and cooking among other things.


We offer support and maintenance services with the help of our technical team on the ground. This

team comprises of mobile professionals who come to you whenever you have an emerging issue or

concern that requires their input. This is in line with our interest in keeping your water harvesting and

storage system at optimal productivity as a way of improving your life and the lives of your beneficiaries.

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