Why we do it

We believe that rainwater is a precious, clean and free natural resource that should be exploited to improve the quality of life of millions of people across the regions where we operate and beyond.Having invested heavily in research and innovation, we have developed top quality products and services that can sufficiently meet all our clients’ needs.

We understand that:

  • Providing access to clean water will improve the lives of the local populations in rural as well as urban areas that face recurrent water shortages
  • Harvesting rain water will enable us to triumph over climate change and its accompanying problems such as the frequent cases of droughts and famine in the Eastern Africa region
  • Rain water is clean water: it saves money to harvest rain water before it gets contaminated.
  • Rain water harvesting is economically viable, socially compatible and environment- friendly thus making it an ideal solution to the water shortage in Africa and beyond.
  •  Optimized rain water harvesting can help solve the global water problems especially in areas where people can barely afford to buy water on a regular basis.

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