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What we do?

Expression Global Group is a for-profit social enterprise helping rural smallholder farmers shift from unreliable rain-fed farming to irrigation fed agribusiness through reliable supply of affordable piped water for irrigation.

Is a for-profit social enterprise working with smallholder farmers to enhance agricultural productivity for food security and economic well being through reliable supply of piped water for irrigation.


We are dedicated to deliver lasting incomes among smallholder rural farmers. While we are driven by passion to make positive social impact, we blend this with generation of meaningful profits for sustainability. To optimize our impact, we strike mutual partnerships with like-minded private, government and non-governmental organizations.


We work with some of the poorest rural communities of farmers in Kenya. These farmers have access to land and practice rain-fed farming as their key means of survival. On average, these farmers generate a paltry $150 per hectare annually. Expression Global utilizes the strengths they have on land ownership and production to provide:


Our ability to grow and deliver our products and services is facilitated by our closely knitted partnership with multiple organizations spanning from private, local government and non-governmental sectors.  These organizations play pivotal roles of continuous capacity building, provision of credit access and provision of ready market.

We are continually seeking to expand our network of partners and always open to start these conversations with individuals and organizations with a complementary mission.

Our Supporters

Our innovative approach to transformation of rural communities has attracted local and international support from organizations with similar goals of delivering positive societal impact.

The support range from capacity building of our teams’ leadership skills through trainings and mentorship provision, funding towards our growth and linkage to reliable networks.

Meet our Team

Peter Mumo

Peter Mumo

Project & Product Development

Engineer with an elaborate work experience on projects across sub-Saharan Africa.Peter has both clear understanding of the challenges and hands on skills to innovate and develop feasible solutions to challenges facing the community in the water and related sectors.He ensures timely implementation of all projects.

Caroline Mumbe

Caroline Mumbe

Operations and Public Relations

We value and strive to establish and maintain partnerships that guide our development path. Caroline, our communication expert, provides leadership in establishing new partnerships and maintaining routine correspondence.

James Kitati

James Kitati

Business development

James understands vividly the health and economic consequence of lack of access to clean water. His desire to see developed communities motivates him to develop channels aimed at getting our top quality products and services closest to the people.

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